Open Source Projects I Have Contributed To

List of the open-source projects I’ve contributed to. Includes JBoss Forge, Apache ActiveMQ, JBoss ESB, Wicketstuff, and Aesh. You can find links to the projects and specific commits below.

JBoss Forge

[FORGE-1445] Enchanted ls command on Java class to show fields and methods

[FORGE-1450] Cannot create an enum attribute on an Entity

[FORGE-1487] Columns do not line up on certain CLI outputs

[WEBSITE-3] Code highlighting with


[AESH-226] Slash is not completed after directory name when full name specified

[AESH-231] Multi-line input with backslash doesn’t work

[AESH-232] Auto-completion not working correctly with mult-line input

[60] PosixFileNameComparator ignored files named with 1 character

[61] Added column formatter method which has flexible column sizes

[63] Completer do not show all possible directories when token length is 1

[71] PosixFileNameComparator didn’t sort same names with different cases right

[72] PathResolver was not resolving “~” as home directory

[EXTENSIONS-12] “ls” command now shows files more like in bash

[73] Redirection is now saving files to the working directory.

[77] FileDisplayer - pgup/pgdown jumped on wrong line

[78] Completion fix when file in Java working directory has same name as token

Apache ActiveMQ -

[AMQ-4174] Redirect back to queue overview after delete/moving message

[AMQ-4258] Endless loop when received incorrect AMQP message

[AMQ-4371] RSS and ATOM feeds doesn’t work in web-console

Wicketstuff -

[Issue #209] - GMap -> GIcon constructor with letter

JBoss ESB -

[Bug 821672] New Quickstart: Camel Gateway esbschedule feature

[JBESB-3821] Camel gateway classes are not loaded by deployer after VFS cache expiration