May 24, 2014

Open Source projects I've contributed to

JBoss Forge -

[FORGE-1445] Enchanted ls command on Java class to show fields and methods

[FORGE-1450] Cannot create an enum attribute on an Entity

[FORGE-1487] Columns do not line up on certain CLI outputs

[WEBSITE-3] Code highlighting with

Aesh -

[AESH-226] Slash is not completed after directory name when full name specified

[AESH-231] Multi-line input with backslash doesn't work

[AESH-232] Auto-completion not working correctly with mult-line input

[60] PosixFileNameComparator ignored files named with 1 character

[61] Added column formatter method which has flexible column sizes

[63] Completer do not show all possible directories when token length is 1

[71] PosixFileNameComparator didn't sort same names with different cases right

[72] PathResolver was not resolving "~" as home directory

[EXTENSIONS-12] "ls" command now shows files more like in bash

[73] Redirection is now saving files to the working directory.

[77] FileDisplayer - pgup/pgdown jumped on wrong line

[78] Completion fix when file in Java working directory has same name as token

ActiveMQ -

[AMQ-4174] Redirect back to queue overview after delete/moving message

[AMQ-4258] Endless loop when received incorrect AMQP message

Wicketstuff -

[Issue #209] - GMap -> GIcon constructor with letter

JBoss ESB -

[Bug 821672] New Quickstart: Camel Gateway esbschedule feature

[JBESB-3821] Camel gateway classes are not loaded by deployer after VFS cache expiration

November 27, 2013

Where to get free Internet access in Vancouver?

The answer is Vancouver Public Library. Just ask about Internet Access Card and you can access Internet freely in all of the 22 branches all around the Vancouver. This card is free for all visitors.